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JAPAN GYOKURO – Premium shade-grown tea. High in antioxidants. Made from single buds that are picked only in April/May. In an effort to encourage chlorophyll development (responsible for the dark green color) and reduce tannin levels (the source of its sweet flavour), the tea is covered with black curtains, bamboo or straw shades for three weeks before plucking. The leaves are small – about 3/4 of an inch long – and extremely fragrant and tender. Immediately after plucking, they are taken to the factory and steamed for about 30 minutes to seal in flavours and arrest fermentation. Next they are fluffed with hot air, pressed and dried to around 30% moisture content. The tea is then rolled repeatedly until it resembles long thin dark green needles, then dried until around 4-6% moisture content. The tea is then ready for drinking!.


Brewing suggestion: One teaspoon per cup. Infuse for 3-5 minutes (according to taste) with freshly boiled water that is around 180F or 80C. Able to be reinfused. NOT compatible with milk.

Cellophane bag for samples; packed to order.
Original resealable bag for pre-packaged Coffee and Tea Lovers, Metropolitan Tea, T Leaf T and Tea Total teas.
Original vacuum packed nitrogen flushed bag for Metropolitan Tea bulk buys.
Brown Detpak tin tie resealable bag for other teas; packed to order.


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