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Tea Specialists

We stock around 300 specialty teas in our Auckland bookshop. Click on our Tea List pdf file and browse through it for the full tea selection.

You can purchase most of our teas on our web site using PayPal Or Online EFTPOS by clicking here.

You can purchase a small selection of our teas on Trade Me Tea and we can set up a Trade Me listing for you if you prefer this purchasing method.

Please contact us directly if you want to order from our full range of teas; or if you would just like to try one sample size of a tea (usually $2.50 per sample plus postage); or if you want to enquire about our Tea Accessories, a Bulk Buy or Wholesale or Overseas order. We will let you know if we can help!

Contact us today if you’d like to receive our tea list by email.

Tea Suppliers and Tea Brands

Chapter has a large number of quality tea suppliers including:

Coffee and Tea Lovers (loose leaf tea); HARNEY & SONS (main supplier – loose leaf tea, pyramid tea sachets and tea bags); KeriKeri Organic Tea (organic tea; certified fair trade where possible); Lezzo (Turkish apple tea); METROPOLITAN TEA (main supplier – loose leaf tea); NZ Live (loose leaf tea with New Zealand ingredients); Oku New Zealand Native Herbal Products (kawakawa tea & cough and chest elixir); Pukka (organic tea bags); T Leaf T (loose leaf tea and pyramid tea bags); a small selection of Tea Forte (tea pyramids); TEA TOTAL (main supplier – loose leaf tea and pyramid tea bags); Ti Ora (tea pyramids); and Zealong (pure organic New Zealand premium tea).

Our main international tea supplier, the Metropolitan Tea Company, is based in North America. The Metropolitan Tea Company belongs to the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) whose mission statement is “working for a responsible tea industry”. The ETP works with tea producers and companies at each end of the tea supply chain – to create a thriving tea industry that is socially just and environmentally sustainable.


Tea Accessories

We also stock a wide range of tea accessories, including: tea caddies; tea infusers and tea strainers; tea cups, tea glasses and tea mugs; teapots (glass, ceramic, metal); and bamboo matcha whisks.


Packaging Minimisation and Elimination

Some of our tea is pre-packaged (depending on the supplier). However, the majority of our tea sales are weighed up, according to order. We use a range of packaging, including paper bags (where the customer will transfer the tea to their air-tight container on the same day) and polylined mail-order bags (where the customer will use the bag for storage, either a few days or a few weeks). If you wish to minimise the packaging involved in your tea purchase, we encourage you to bring in your air-tight containers, or to keep and reuse the original bags that we weigh the tea in to.

Save Money and Help Us to Minimise Waste – bring your own tea storage container in and get a discount of 50 cents (except on pre-packaged buys and bulk buys).


About Tea

Regular tea drinking brings a plethora of health benefits from its unique combination of vitamins, minerals and compounds. Drinking tea hydrates you and helps your body flush toxins. The caffeine in tea acts as a mild stimulant and aids your digestion. Be careful if you are taking medication as tea can react badly with some drugs. Also, be cautious if you have an irregular heartbeat or stomach ulcers; some types of tea may not be suitable. Visit the Tea Advisory Panel (TAP) for more information about tea and health.

Most Popular Teas

Find your favourite brew! 300 speciality teas in stock.