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The Latest Books and Book Catalogue

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Many apologies for the delay in producing the July-August 2022 bi-monthly book catalogue, but we have been short-staffed (due to COVID, other sickness and travel) as well as busy with the orders for personalised signed copies of Nalini Singh’s STORM ECHO.

Great releases include Mary Balogh’s REMEMBER LOVE (Ravenswood Series), Carley Fortune’s EVERY SUMMER AFTER, Christine Feehan’s RED ON THE RIVER (Sunrise Lake Series), Anne Gracie’s THE RAKE’S DAUGHTER (Brides of Bellaire Gardens Series), Alexis Hall’s HUSBAND MATERIAL (London Calling Series), Ana Huang’s TWISTED LOVE (Twisted Series), J.P. Pomare’s THE WRONG WOMAN and Nalini Singh’s STORM ECHO (Psy-Changeling Trinity Series). Enjoy!

Also, our warm congratulations to the 2022 winners of the Romance Writers of New Zealand Short Story Competition sponsored by the Chapter Book and Tea Shop: Pamela Swain (1st), Amy Hutton (2nd), Susie Frame (3rd=) and Stephanie Ruth (3rd=).

Please click on the July-August 2022 Book Catalogue pdf file to view the full details.

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Order Personalised Signed Copy of STORM ECHO by Nalini Singh

STORM ECHO by NALINI SINGH (Book 6: Psy/Changeling Trinity series) is now available. STORM ECHO is at a special price of NZ$30 (vs RRP NZ$36.99) plus shipping for the NZ Edition (ISBN 9781869714949) while our stocks last. If you wish to order a personalised signed copy, please order online (although this option is not available for international orders) or please contact us, eg, if you have any questions or special requests or have an international order.

ARCHANGEL’S LIGHT Virtual Book Release Party with Nalini Singh

If you missed our virtual party with Nalini Singh on Thursday 28 October 2021 to celebrate the release of ARCHANGEL’S LIGHT, the recording is available at https://bit.ly/3ERvkZK  Passcode: 7h?GBhQS

Order Personalised Signed Book by Nalini Singh

The Chapter Book and Tea Shop is able to organize personalised signed copies of Nalini Singh’s titles that are available in print – New Zealand/International editions, USA editions and print-on-demand editions – in the Psy/Changeling, Psy/Changeling Trinity, Guild Hunter, Rock Kiss and Hard Play series as well as the standalone thrillers. We usually expect a signing to take around 1-5 working days to organize; and then shipping time should be added to that (currently international shipping is slower than normal). Please contact us if you wish to order a personalised signed copy, including any international orders.

General Book Orders

We have too many books to include on this web site, so please contact us today if you wish to order a book or if you’d like to receive our bi-monthly catalogue by email.

You can also purchase a small selection of our books (usually a diverse mixture of new releases, popular authors, and clearances) on Trade Me Books and on Fishpond.

Book Catalogue Summary

Contemporary Romance & Romantic Suspense

Ashley Herring Blake – DELILAH GREEN DOESN’T CARE – LGBTQ+ – Bright Fall Series – TP $23
Christina Dodd – POINT LAST SEEN – TP $36
Carley Fortune – EVERY SUMMER AFTER – TP $26
Jasmine Guillory – BY THE BOOK – Meant To Be Series – TP $34
Alexis Hall – HUSBAND MATERIAL – LGBTQ+ – London Calling Series – TP $28
Talia Hibbert – GET A LIFE, CHLOE BROWN – Brown Sisters Series – TP $23
Ana Huang – TWISTED LOVE – Twisted Series – TP $23
Debbie Macomber – IT’S BETTER THIS WAY – MMP Release $22
Kat Martin – THE LAST GOODNIGHT – Blood Ties: The Logans Series – MMP Release $22
Mhairi McFarlane – MAD ABOUT YOU – TP $26
Julie Murphy – IF THE SHOE FITS – Meant To Be Series – TP $34
Karen Rose – QUARTER TO MIDNIGHT – New Orleans Series – TP $32
JoAnn Ross – SECOND CHANCE SPRING – Honeymoon Harbour Series – MMP $24
Elissa Sussman – FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK – TP $26
Lacie Waldon – FROM THE JUMP – TP $26

MMP = Mass Market Paperback; TP = Trade Paperback; POD = Print on Demand; HC = Hardcover; NOV = Novella

Crime & Mystery & Thrillers

Jennifer Ashley – THE SECRET OF BOW LANE – Below Stairs Mystery Series – TP $36
Jennifer Chow – DEATH BY BUBBLE TEA – LA Night Market Series – MMP $22
Christine Feehan – RED ON THE RIVER – Sunrise Lake Series – TP $30
Lucy Foley – THE GUEST LIST – MMP Release $24
Sulari Gentill – THE WOMAN IN THE LIBRARY – TP $36
J.P. Pomare – THE WRONG WOMAN – TP $32
A.J. Rivers – THE GIRL IN CABIN 13 – Emma Griffin FBI Mystery Series – POD $32
J.D. Robb – ABANDONED IN DEATH – Eve Dallas/In Death Series – MMP Release $24
Angela Sanders – WITCH AND FAMOUS – Witch Way Librarian Mystery Series – MMP $22
Alexander McCall Smith – THE JOY AND LIGHT BUS COMPANY – No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Series – TP $32
Alexander McCall Smith – THE SWEET REMNANTS OF SUMMER – Isabel Dalhousie Series – TP $33
Marty Wingate – THE LIBRARIAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE – First Edition Library Mystery Series – MMP Release $22

MMP = Mass Market Paperback; TP = Trade Paperback; POD = Print on Demand; HC = Hardcover; NOV = Novella

Fantasy & Paranormal Romance

Jennifer Ashley – TIGER’S DAUGHTER – Shifters Unbound Series – POD $32
Cheryl Brooks – CAPTIVE – Cat Star Legacy Series – POD $26
Jayne Castle – GUILD BOSS – Harmony Series – MMP Release $22
Brian Feehan – HARMONY OF FIRE – Alice And Owen Series – MMP $22
Laurell K. Hamilton – A TERRIBLE FALL OF ANGELS – Zaniel Havelock Series – MMP Release $24
Lana Harper – FROM BAD TO CURSED – Witches Of Thistle Grove Series – TP $26
Kerri Maniscalco – KINGDOM OF THE WICKED – Kingdom Of The Wicked Series – TP $23
Seanan McGuire – WHEN SORROWS COME – October Daye Series – MMP Release $22
Jessie Mihalik – ECLIPSE THE MOON – Hunt The Stars Series – TP $36
Katee Robert – NEON GODS – Dark Olympus Series – TP $28
Gena Showalter – RUTHLESS – Immortal Enemies Series – MMP Release $24
Nalini Singh – STORM ECHO – Psy-Changeling Trinity Series – TP $30/HC $54
Scarlett St. Clair – A TOUCH OF MALICE – Hades x Persephone Series – TP $26
Hannah Whitten – FOR THE THRONE – Wilderwood Series – TP $26

MMP = Mass Market Paperback; TP = Trade Paperback; POD = Print on Demand; HC = Hardcover; NOV = Novella

Historical Romance

Mary Balogh – REMEMBER LOVE – Ravenswood Series – TP $23
Amy Rose Bennett – UP ALL NIGHT WITH A GOOD DUKE – Byronic Book Club Series – MMP $22
Grace Burrowes – MISS DELIGHTFUL – Mischief In Mayfair Series – TP $29
Kerrigan Byrne – THE EARL ON THE TRAIN – Victorian Rebels Series – NOV – POD $22
Megan Frampton – FOUR WEEKS OF SCANDAL – Hazards Of Dukes Series – MMP $22
Anne Gracie – THE RAKE’S DAUGHTER – Brides Of Bellaire Gardens Series – MMP $22
Alexis Hall – A LADY FOR A DUKE – LGBTQ+ – TP $25
Anna Harrington – A REMARKABLE ROGUE – Lords Of The Armory Series – MMP $22
Lorraine Heath – THE RETURN OF THE DUKE – Once Upon A Dukedom Series – MMP $22
Amalie Howard – ALWAYS BE MY DUCHESS – Taming Of The Dukes Series – TP $34
Julie Anne Long – YOU WERE MADE TO BE MINE – The Palace of Rogues Series – MMP $22
Charis Michaels – A DUCHESS BY MIDNIGHT – Awakened By A Kiss Series – MMP $22
Renee Ann Miller – NEVER MARRY A SCANDALOUS DUKE – Infamous Lords Series – MMP $22
Erica Ridley – NOBODY’S PRINCESS – Wild Wynchesters Series – MMP $22

MMP = Mass Market Paperback; TP = Trade Paperback; POD = Print on Demand; HC = Hardcover; NOV = Novella

Hot Romance

E.L. James – THE MISTER – TP $24

MMP = Mass Market Paperback; TP = Trade Paperback; POD = Print on Demand; HC = Hardcover; NOV = Novella

Mainstream Fiction & Chick Lit

Kristan Higgins – OUT OF THE CLEAR BLUE SKY – TP $36
Delia Owens – WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING – MMP Release $24

MMP = Mass Market Paperback; TP = Trade Paperback; POD = Print on Demand; HC = Hardcover; NOV = Novella

Available Soon

September-October 2022
Ilona Andrews – RUBY FEVER – Mass Market Paperback
Patricia Briggs – SOUL TAKEN – Trade Paperback
Christine Feehan – DARK WHISPER – Trade Paperback
Robert Galbraith – THE INK BLACK HEART – Trade Paperback
Ali Hazelwood – LOVE ON THE BRAIN – Trade Paperback
Colleen Hoover – IT STARTS WITH US – Trade Paperback
Sarah MacLean – HEARTBREAKER – Mass Market Paperback
J.D. Robb – DESPERATION IN DEATH – Trade Paperback
J.R. Ward – THE VIPER – Trade Paperback

November-December 2022
Jennifer L. Armentrout – A LIGHT IN THE FLAME – Print-On-Demand Paperback
Jayne Castle – SWEETWATER AND THE WITCH – Trade Paperback
Christine Feehan – LEOPARD’S SCAR – Mass Market Paperback
Charlaine Harris – THE SERPENT IN HEAVEN – Trade Paperback
Terry Hayes – THE YEAR OF THE LOCUST – Trade Paperback
Eloisa James – THE RELUCTANT COUNTESS – Mass Market Paperback
Darynda Jones – A HARD DAY FOR A HANGOVER – Trade Paperback
Nora Roberts – THE CHOICE – Trade Paperback
Nalini Singh – ARCHANGEL’S RESURRECTION – Mass Market Paperback
J.R. Ward – FOREVER – Trade Paperback

Books released late in the month are included in the following month.

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