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Ceres Organics believes in the power of ‘real’ wholefood ingredients. So this bag of powdered goodness is made from the whole leaves of organically grown matcha plants, from the lush rolling fields of the Uji region of Kyoto, Japan. Nothing else is added. Matcha is favoured by Buddhist monks as natural fuel for the mind, body and soul. With just a third of the caffeine of coffee, balanced by its unique nutrient composition, matcha powder has a special focussing effect. And what makes it super valuable is you consume the whole leaf and all its magic, so one serve can offer the benefits of up to 10 cups of regular green tea! Add 1/2 a teaspoon of this concentrated superfood to just about anything – smoothies, juices, desserts. Or enjoy as a nourishing tea.
Size: 70g
Ingredients: Certified Organic Matcha Powder
Origin: Packed in New Zealand from imported ingredients (Japan)

This tea is Metropolitan Tea’s bestselling Matcha. Izu Green Matcha has a jammy-like smoothness with a satisfying full cup. Luxury grade Japanese-style green tea and Gyokuro give a light astringent finish. There is perhaps no tea on the market today as celebrated as Matcha. The ancient Japanese who created the tea believed it was a gift of the heavens.
Producing this amazing tea is painstaking work. It is made using pure luxury tencha green tea and Gyokuro leaves that have been shaded under special shade covers for three weeks before plucking. Shading makes the plants produce higher chlorophyll levels, giving the leaves a rich green colour. Once plucked, the leaves are steamed and dried. Next, they are stripped of stems and veins, resulting in a pure leaf that is stone-ground into fine powder. As amazing as Matcha is, Metropolitan Tea has taken it one step further. Having identified a high altitude Western Kenyan tea with 3x the antioxidant value of regular green tea, they have blended it with their traditional Japan Izu. The flavoury green character and emerald appearance is not altered, but the antioxidants are significantly boosted. Brew a cup today – to your health!
NOTE: Japan Izu Green is a fabulous example of the high quality Japanese style teas now being grown in China. After Japan’s unfortunate Tsunami and corresponding nuclear event threatened to contaminate much of the country’s tea, Metropolitan Tea undertook the painstaking process of sourcing Chinese gardens for our traditionally Japanese-grown blends. The teas they’ve found in all cases exceed Japanese standards and, in fact, are sold for export to Japan itself.
Ingredients: from Zhejiang Province (China) / Nandi Highlands (Kenya)
Packaging: Vacuum packed nitrogen flushed 200g bag.

Powdered green tea used for everyday drinking (matcha tea and matcha lattes) and cooking. From Shizuoka.
Packaging: 200g foil bag.


Traditional Japanese Matcha bamboo whisk.


Brewing Suggestion – Matcha Tea
For strong (thick) tea, use one level teaspoon for 120-180 ml water. For medium (thin) tea, use one half or one quarter that amount. Put the powdered tea in a matcha bowl. Then pour hot (not boiling) water over the tea. Whisk vigorously with bamboo whisk.

Brewing Suggestion – Matcha Latte
Blend two level teaspoons matcha (in a small bowl) and hot water (30ml) with whisk to a smooth consistency. Add sugar syrup (one part sugar dissolved in one part water) to taste (approx. 20ml). Whisk and pour in to a glass. Steam 200-250 ml milk. Pour hot milk in to glass. Stir and enjoy.


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