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Please choose from the following caffeine-free infusions:

LEMONGRASS – Dried lemongrass leaves. This perennial herb, native to Southeast Asia is noted for its lemony scent and ginger undertones. Its lemon character is due to a high concentration of citral, its main biological component. Aside from its myriad uses as a culinary ingredient, the people of Thailand have for centuries prized the plant for its many purported medicinal uses. Thai folk remedies for ailments ranging from fevers to muscle cramp all use the herb as a base ingredient. As well, in Thailand, tea made from the plant is thought to calm the nerves, and restore the spirit.

LEMON BALM – Dried lemon balm leaves. From Bulgaria. Calming. Mildly minty.

LEMON VERBENA – Dried lemon verbena leaves. From France. Refreshing. Mildly floral.

GINGER ROOT & LEMONGRASS – Ginger root and lemongrass.


Brewing suggestion: One heaped teaspoon per cup. Infuse for 3-7 minutes (according to taste) with freshly boiled water. NOT compatible with milk.

Cellophane bag for samples; packed to order.
Original resealable bag for pre-packaged Coffee and Tea Lovers, Metropolitan Tea, T Leaf T and Tea Total teas.
Original vacuum packed nitrogen flushed bag for Metropolitan Tea bulk buys.
Brown Detpak tin tie resealable polylined bag for other teas; packed to order.


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