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In 1970, John Harney embarked on a mission to share his love for tea with the world. Today, he and his family source tea from the most reputable and well-established tea gardens and estates in the world. From the tea garden to your teacup, the Harneys manage the process. Cupping great teas, blending them into unique and uncommon blends that are packaged in their state-of-the-art facility.

We stock a range of HARNEY & SONS teas which includes:

CHOCOLATE CHAI SUPREME – Flavoured black tea. Black tea with all the necessities for a delicious chai—ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg—and then natural chocolate, cardamom and vanilla flavour swirled through the blend. Medium strength.

DECAF ASSAM – Traditional black tea. Decaf Assam with the malty flavours of traditional Assam. Medium strength. Decaffeinated (using the CO2 method).

DECAF EARL GREY – Flavoured black tea. Decaf Ceylon flavoured with natural bergamot oil. Medium strength. Decaffeinated (using the CO2 method).

DECAF PARIS – Flavoured black tea. Decaf version of Paris, one of Harney & Sons’ most popular and talked-about tea blends. Medium strength. Decaffeinated (using the CO2 method).

EARL GREY SUPREME – Flavoured black tea. Blend of black tea, white tea (silver tips) and bergamot oil. Medium strength.

FLORENCE – Flavoured black tea. Delicious Chocolate Hazelnut tea. Medium strength.

HOT APPLE SPICE – Flavoured black tea. Black tea and delicious fruity flavours, Hot Apple Spice bursts with the sweetness of apples ripened in the orchard, cinnamon, orange peel and ground cloves for a sweet, warming brew that’s just spicy enough. Medium strength.

HOT CINNAMON – Flavoured black tea. Black tea with cinnamon, cloves, orange peel and flavours (natural and artificial). Medium strength.

IRISH BREAKFAST – Traditional black tea. 100% Assam. Strong.

LAPSANG SOUCHONG – Traditional black tea. An ancient and much loved tea from China. The large leaves are dried over smoky pine fires and the tea develops a distinctive smoky flavor. Medium strength.

PARIS – Flavoured black tea. Black tea, oolong tea, bergamot oil and natural flavours (black currant, caramel and vanilla). Medium strength.


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