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Please choose from the following infusions which are caffeine free:

GOOD HEALTH – Apple, elderberry, hibiscus, raisin, rosehip and natural flavours.

GRANNY’S GARDEN – Apple, blackberry, blackberry leaves, blackcurrants, elderberry, hibiscus, raspberry fruit granulate (glucose syrup, wheat, sugar, raspberries, sodium alginate), rosehip and strawberry.

GRAPEFRUIT & BITTER LEMON (Tea Total) – Apple, grapefruit peel, hibiscus, lemon peel, marigolds, rosehip and flavour (but no artificial flavour).

LADY HANNAH’S BERRY FRUIT – Apple, blackberry, hibiscus, papaya, raspberry, rosehip, strawberry and natural flavours. Bold, bright berry flavour with strawberry and blackberry highlights. Refreshing and thirst quenching and not overly sweet.

LEMON CITRIC – Apple, hibiscus, orange, rosehip and natural flavours. The cup has a predominant lemon and orange character with the lovely sweetness of pineapple.

SAMPLE(S) – Please Specify Infusion(s) via Message


Brewing suggestion HOT: One heaped teaspoon per cup. Infuse for 5-7 minutes (according to taste) with freshly boiled water. Sweeten to taste (with sugar, honey or Turkish Apple Tea). NOT compatible with milk.

Brewing suggestion ICED: Use Six heaped teaspoons per one litre. Add a small amount of freshly boiled hot water (just enough to cover the fruit) to infuse. Infuse for 5-7 minutes (according to taste). Sweeten to taste (with sugar, honey or Turkish Apple Tea). Add ice cubes (until the infusion is ice cold), cold water (to top up to one litre) and serve.

Cellophane bag for samples; packed to order.
Original resealable bag for pre-packaged Coffee and Tea Lovers, Metropolitan Tea, T Leaf T and Tea Total teas.
Original vacuum packed nitrogen flushed bag for Metropolitan Tea bulk buys.
Brown Detpak tin tie resealable bag for other teas; packed to order.


If you wish to purchase additional quantities than those shown as available, please Contact Us and we will advise whether this is possible.

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